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GantArt is a small ceramics workshop started by Poul and Line Gant in Denmark.
We knew next to nothing starting up, but felt ourselves drawn to ceramics and its vast amount of processes.
With a passion for working with our hands, we decided to build a workshop in direct connection to our home.
Then by the help of Lines cousin, Lauge Brimgiest, who is a wonderful and gifted ceramist himself, we entered the world of ceramics and homedone glazes and simply dove right in.
We ordered an excessive amount of materials, put everything in its right place, and off we went!
For about two years we have been having so much fun with glazes and learning how to throw clay, spending late nights and early mornings running to the workshop to see how a new glaze came out of the kiln.

Ceramics is a whole world of shapes and colours in your hands. Even the smallest variationss may alter the outcome entirely.
Everyday, we learn and dare to experiment further, always pushing the perimeter of our skills!


The Glazes

All of our glazes are made from scratch. We mix them ourselves, and while this may be quite challenging, whenever the mix is off, it gives us a unique insight into the integrity of our ceramics, and gives every piece its own particular touch.
And on the plus-side, we get to name them for ourselves!

Wolf’s Eye

Our Black Oil Spot glaze started as an idea from a simple photo. We tried the first recipe we found and gave it a go with ideas of our own. Altering thickness of the glaze, how we decided to set the firing, as well as adjustments to the core recipe.

It’s one of the most fascinating glazes so far, and gets quite a good amount of compliments when shown off.

The glaze, we chose to stick with, is manifested in the deep black base color and the silvery spots, created during the firing where the glaze creates bubbles, which rises through the molten glaze. They burst at the surface and leave small craters to be filled with the iron-rich elements of the glaze. The spots can vary a great deal in size. A dramatic glaze, that goes well with both big bowls and every day coffe mugs and cups.


Tree Frogs Meadow

This is one of the first green glazes we figured out. At first it was matte and it was only after a great deal of trying, that we got it shiny without running. The green is luscious and whether you like matte or shiny, Tree Frogs Meadow will never disappoint.


Chameleon Mint

Are you fresh? Let´s make a mint!

Such a great color! Cool and crunchy at the same time. Chameleon Mint is matte and has small, slightly darker minispots, that makes it exciting to work with and look at. It is a work in progress to get this one shiny! Stubborn, Chameleon Mint!


Camel’s calm

Camel’s Calm is the shifting colour of the camels hide and fur. This part of the glaze is matte. However outside towards the bottom and inside of the glazed product, you will find that it softly shifts to a dark shiny blue with few spots of white. The amount of spots varies from one firing to the next, but they are never dominating. It reminds us of either calm water or the starry nightsky over the desert – hence the name.


Bluebird’s Delight

Wonderful, lightblue glaze. Soft and shiny. Hardly any cobalt in Bluebird’s Delight and yet the outcome is so satisfying. This blue is always a good workshop-partner and continuously gives good results. The blue color is soothing, fresh and cool.


Bluebird’s Delight – Detailed

Yep! This is the same glaze on the body of the product. We take an appropriate portion of Bluebird’s Delight and add a bit more cobalt, – shake it up! – and splash it on as we wish.


Black Bear Brown

This glaze it utterly shiny and soft to the touch. When we first got it right with this glaze, it was a mere lucky strike. We simply mixed three old glazes, we could not get to work with us or there was simply not enough left to dip products in it, – and BINGO!

Ooh! – The irony of it is just humbling.

Working on so many different glazes, firings, recipes, adding and talking into late hours to figure out, why it did not work the way we hoped or counted on…trying again and again and then… A heaven-sent Black Bear Brown. Deep, rich, smooth, stable and strong! And then… – it got lost in the woods for a time, while we tried to track our way back to it. And we did! We did. – And yes, we danced in the workshop – hard to get your arms down.


Black Bear Brown – Detailed

As the name suggests, this is the same glaze, only we add fine rutile mixed with water and add it after the Black Bear dries up nicely. It gives a very unique appearance as the rutile leaves some copper or gold shine/glitter to the finished product. It can even give a rusty and bumpy look, when added richly. It stands in beautiful rough contrast to the soft, deep note of the Black Bear Brown.



Trends of Season


Trends of Season


Trends of Season


Trends of Season

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